Pencil Drawings!

28 09 2009

P1050276Title: Old Shophouses
Medium: Pencil
Size: A5
Date: 29 August 2009

This drawing was done based on a photo which my NAFA teacher took. Basically, this drawing was done by filling the dark places with shading, leaving the areas under light completely unshaded. We were told to adopt this method when drawing the photo, which gave the artwork an interesting overall feel. On the whole, the artwork looks really realistic and some parts resemble the effects of a negative photograph. This is not a compulsory assignment but I had the urge to do it because I felt that the end product is really cool and I wanted to try out this method for the very first time. Well, I did enjoy the process. 🙂


Title: Houses Beside Tree
Medium: Pencil
Size: A4
Date: 6 September 2009

Similarly, this drawing adopts the same style as the above drawing. Initially, we had the chance to go to the Botanical Gardens for outdoor painting (in this case, drawing) and apply the skills we learnt the previous week on our drawings, but due to the heavy rain, the plan was cancelled. Hence, we stayed in NAFA and I made a drawing from a picture our teacher gave us. It turned out better than expected, which was a relief as I certainly did not have a lot of experiences in this area. 🙂

When drawing such drawings, I did not face any difficulties as the entire process is quite straightforward. What I felt I learnt the most is that we learnt to  be more daring when it comes to drawing. Unlike usual times when we draw the entire composition with a faint sketch, this form of drawing requires us being ‘impromptu’, in the sense that we draw what we see directly instead of through careful planning.

Overall satisfaction: ♥♥♥♥.5




One response

28 09 2009

hello (: i think your drawings are really impressive since i was sitting next to you in the dark watching some random video on art and you were sitting there in the dark drawing. I think you really made good use of the four sided pencil in that you really have quite alot of variations in your lines. The shading, shadowing and highlights are also well done! It was such a pity we did not get to go for outdoor painting! perhaps after exams?

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