Animal Print Nails!

8 01 2011

Title: Animal Print Nails
Medium: Nail polish
Size: NA
Date: 9 October 2010

I wouldn’t claim credit for this nail design because I learnt it from a video posted by IHaveACupcake on YouTube.
Here’s the link:

Thumb – cow
Index finger – giraffe
Middle finger – zebra
Ring finger – cheetah
Pinky – tiger
This nail design is rather easy to do. Have fun and enjoy the video! 🙂


Amelia’s Birthday Card 2010!

7 01 2011

Title: Happy Birthday Amelia
Medium: Mixed media
Size: around A5 (folded)
Date: October 2010

Used black paper. I cut out the letters from old magazines (like Teens, Teenage and Seventeen) so that the fonts and their sizes will vary. Actually the newspapers have pretty good fonts too but newspaper ink stains your fingers and the texture of the two are different so obviously I’ll go for the cleaner choice.

I lined the word with gold pen and I used it to draw the flower and swirls as well (basically every other detail on the card). Actually white will make a good choice too but the letters I cut had white on them so I chose another color. Plus my white pen ran out of ink. 😛

I didn’t take very long to make this card. It’s easy to make, unless you count the effort and time put in on looking for nice fonts from magazines. I actually have a box where I keep all my cuttings from magazines. Pretty useful when you need to rush out a handmade card for someone. 🙂

Get Well Soon Card!

7 01 2011

Title: Get Well Soon – for Julian
Medium: crayons, markers
Size: A4 (folded in half)
Date: 2010

I don’t even know if this is considered an artwork because I sort of finished it within half an hour. 😛 My boyfriend was sick so I thought I could surprise him with a Get Well Soon card. It was a school day the next day so I thought I shouldn’t spend too much time on it since I needed to sleep early.

I tried to keep the colors I used for this card simple – primary colours. I used blue paper for the base color, and I took the paper out from a stack of bound document. You know those booklets with the ring spines. Yea that explains the holes on the left of the paper. The holes kind of create their own unique patterns on the paper so I didn’t cut those parts away. I did double layers for whatever there was on the card so there was an additional outline for everything.

Yep, everything kept simple. 🙂 Oh by the way, those two are Schnee and Kiwi (stuffed toys). ❤

Notebook Cover Design!

5 01 2011

Title: Notebook Cover Design – for Yoke Ting
Medium: Markers, liquid paper
Size: slightly smaller than A5
Date: 2010

This is the notebook design I did for my friend, Yoke Ting. I sort of drew it over a period of time, during GP lessons because they were so boring and I had nothing else to do so I got Yoke Ting’s permission to doodle on her notebook cover.

I originally did the design in dark blue marker, varying it’s thickness and drawing in different patterns like swirls, stripes, dotted lines etc. to make the design interesting. Then I was still bored so I added in the shadows using dark grey marker (because the original colour of the background was light grey). After that, I added in the highlights with liquid paper and TA-DA! It’s done! You may want to use waterproof markers instead because mine wasn’t and it kinda smudges in contact with water (note: the moon).

And once again, I got bored during GP lessons… 😛

Mum’s Birthday Card 2010!

5 01 2011

Title: Happy Birthday Mum – 2010
Medium: coloured markers, felt, sequins, wire, liquid paper
Size: slightly smaller than A4
Date: 18 July 2010

Firstly, cut 4 pieces of felt to make the wings of the butterfly. If you have scrap pieces of cloth, you can use them. Place the pieces on the area you want to put the butterfly. Use the sequins as decorative materials for the butterfly. You can make two layers for the butterfly’s wings (the sky blue and baby pink portions) to make the butterfly more 3-dimensional. Bend one end of the wire into a spiral shape and do the same for the other piece of wire. Place super glue on the other end and stick it underneath the felt.

Secondly, place some flowers at the side. The yellow and orange flowers I used were actually pre-cut. I got them at Daiso for $2 (of course there were quite a lot of pieces inside the pack). I used liquid paper to draw lines from the centre of the flowers so the inner portion appears lighter to enhance it’s 3-D effect. I then place a silver sequin at the top to cover the white lines, making them appear less messy. Cut a few pieces of leaves if you want.

Write in the necessary text! 🙂 I used red for the text with black for it’s shadows and white (liquid paper) for the highlights.

The birthday cake actually pops out. Maybe I’ll blog about this technique another day. Basically, I just drew random heart patterns at the bottom and I didn’t fold the card 1:1 so that you can see the patterns even when you close the card. Main colours of the card – pink, blue, purple.

Shoe Design – Black, White & Yellow!

4 01 2011

Title: Shoe Design – for Nathan’s friend
Medium: Acrylic paint, permanant marker
Size: NA
Date: November 2011

The design wasn’t entirely original but I had it modified so it can fit the front portion of the shoes. I added some figures at the sides for consistency. Initially, I painted the design in greyscale, using mainly black, white and grey. However, they kinda looked too boring, especially when it’s for a 17-year-old girl. So I added yellow to the design to make it more vibrant. At the same time, I changed the shoelaces to yellow as well so it coincides with the design.
This pair of shoes were bought from Bata. The shoelaces were actually white but they gave extra yellow shoelaces as well, so I might as well put them to good use. 😛
The style is rather different from the previous design I posted. This is rather cartoon. Enjoy! 🙂

Shoe Design – Black & White!

4 01 2011

Title: Shoe Design – for Miranda
Medium: Black acrylic paint, permanant marker
Size: NA
Date: December 2010

The design of the girl’s face wasn’t original. I sort of copied the design from a picture. Then I expanded on the design so that the girl’s hair ‘flows’ to the right shoe. It’s a continuous drawing. Added some flowers at the back to make the design more consistent. I changed the color of the shoelaces too. They were originally white but i changed them to black because the whole design is black and white and I wanted to make the two colors balance out for the entire shoe.
Hope you like it! 🙂
P.S. White canvas shoes were bought from Cotton On.